We stand for a tax world fully renewed by human digital capital.
Learn why this is a must…

What We Achieve & How We Achieve It...

Aim #1: Fully pivot the tax function for the digitalization of tax authorities & e-compliance
Strategy: Redefine tax around digital capability over time. ”Get tax data right first time at source”.

Aim #2: Gain ground up visibility & holistic control over tax solutions in-house
Strategy: Become full enterprise tech project co-pilots. Assume more “ownership” over digital realm.

Aim #3: Establish ‘data’ as a key strategic asset and eliminate ‘garbage in, garbage out’
Strategy: Upgrade from “plumbing” to “meaning”. Map & manage how ‘data’ represents “real-world”.

Aim #4: Future-proof against new e-regulations & technologies (ViDA, AI, blockchain, …)
Strategy: Recalibrate for change as the norm, not the exception. Continuous learning & tech adoption.

Aim #5: Leverage the digital value proposition available to tax through transformation
Strategy: On-the-job upskilling, add digital & data competences & skills succession, full business partners.

Our Core Team

Ahu Caglayan

Head of Strategic Growth & Business Development


Geoff Peck

Founder &
Chief Taxologist


Joris Rossier

 Digitalization & Transformation Specialist

Vaud Switzerland

Anmaré Smit

Experience Manager


Digitalization is changing the rules of the game in tax. Our mission is to help you through this transformative journey.

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