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Introductory Offer Included!

The spring conference season kicked off in a big way. Events are well attended and topics are enlightening. Our high-level takeaways so far are:

  1. The tax world is changing at breakneck speed on several fronts, much of it driven or underpinned by technology;
  2. Solutions are needed for tax data management, e-filing & reporting, systems governance, tax control frameworks, and more; and
  3. People are vital to these solutions in the broader context of people, process & technology.

But here’s the thing – these “solutions” will only materialize once the “people” start playing their part in them, and today’s tax professionals are unsure what this means or how to do that.

Until this changes, the question “How do we get better solutions?” will remain unanswered, simply because a new frame of reference is needed – one that is better aligned digital-wise.

This is where the Smart Tax Technology program comes in. It examines in detail the information fabric that makes our newly digital lives in tax, shifts mindsets, and provides that much-needed context.

Introducing Smart Tax Technology Community Coaching!

Already the market leader, we are announcing the Community Coaching edition of the Smart Tax Technology program.

As requested by you, the wider tax community, this edition is accessible to everyone, and allows us to serve you in the best way we can!

Read on for the Introductory offer … but first, let’s remind ourselves …

How does the Smart Tax Technology program work?

This fast-track program helps today’s tax professionals gain a firm foothold in a new body of knowledge vital for the technological age through relevant & timely upskilling without teaching “IT”.

Its breakthrough curriculum consists of 5 main parts, 2 videos, bonus parts, and coaching sessions. The main sections are:

  • Video #1: The Tax Skills Transformation Roadmap: Innovation Through People – A Digitalization Strategy;
  • Part #1: Smart Tax Codes– the possibilities and pitfalls of enterprise tax data using Tax Codes as a prime example;
    • Video #2: Transform Your Data into a Strategic – Tax Data Modelling for the Digital Era;
  • Part #2: Smart Automation– the heartbeat of tax solutions and how it can support the entire enterprise, not just tax;
    • Part #2.1: Four Ways to Implement a Tax Engine– irrespective of the tax determination solution in use;
  • Part #3: Smart Innovation– realistic steps towards business mastery over tax digitalization with less risk and lower cost;
    • Part 3.1: Activity Flow for Success– innovation by stealth through explore, discover, learn, & single source of truth;
  • Part #4: Smart Projects– how to optimize execution and realize quality within your organization & tech ecosystems; and,
  • Part #5: Smart Accounting– representing the data-driven tax function in financial terms, and measuring transformation.

There are two ways to get involved, the Corporate edition (as before with personal & private 1-2-1 coaching sessions), and …

The new Community Coaching edition

This on-demand version is for individuals passionate about joining the program, but need it to be flexible, time-efficient & low-cost!

It works as following:

  • Uses the exact same self-study material as our well-established & popular flagship Corporate edition
  • Five powerful 50-min Community Coaching sessions and a final 1-2-1 with a leading taxologist
  • Access to all materials for the entire program within 24 hours of registrationyours to keep
  • Community Coaching recording links sent to you after each session for reference along with a study plan for the next part
  • Unrestricted follow-on opportunities to support your tax technology, digitalization & transformation journey.

You’re in control! …

… you study at your own pace and you choose which coaching sessions to attend – there is one available every week for each part of the program.

Also, you choose when to start, but we recommend that once you do start, you finish within 3 months. You can normally expect 40 – 60 hours of effort over a 6 – 8 week period.

The benefits you will gain are:

  • Upskilling in a body of knowledge critical for the 21st century tax professional
  • A new vision of digitalization and greater visibility into initiatives and projects
  • A solid basis for gaining control over the representation of tax in digital systems, including tax ‘data’ that can be trusted
  • A route to future-proofing yourself, your colleagues, and your company in this fast-moving digital world of tax.

Details and Cost

In practical terms it’s easy to get started, but to get max value @ lowest cost, click on the link below and sign up now!

This is a 15% discount over the regular price of $647 (all prices in USD)!

For this deal, register before 31 May …

… or if you’re busy, buy now and start later! – whenever you’re ready.

You will get that value back many times over. It will help ensure your career continues to thrive in the technology-driven tax industry that is now our destiny!

Email for questions, should you have any … because after all, digital upskilling in today’s environment is a no-brainer!

So, act now! … I look forward to seeing you on the inside

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