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The surprising role that taxology plays in the conversation on hybrid work

The recent TLG 15th Indirect Tax Exchange was a hybrid event, enabling me to interact with both online and in-person audiences. It was a highly successful experience and allowed many thinly stretched tax professionals to participate who otherwise may have missed out.

We now expect hybrid events to become the norm, and the same argument applies to the working from home vs returning to office discussion. Technology has made hybrid working possible with Covid providing the catalyst for a high-profile reassessment of this issue.

Welcoming a Broad New Way of Thinking

One way to look at this is the democratization of the experience of being a tax professional. As knowledge workers in the digital age, physical location is less important than time zones so, well done those US-based folk who attended the conference on Amsterdam time.

And the knowledge itself need not be the preserve of the few. Digitalization means information is everywhere, and the opportunity is there for everyone to have a far more enriched experience and provide valuable contributions. It’s a whole new way of thinking!

But wait a minute …

… how does taxology play into this? Well …

‘Taxology isn’t a formula or a step by step guide. Taxology is a fully encompassing way of thinking about the digital realm and how it can elevate our day-to-day activities.’

This includes understanding the best ways of working under different circumstances. For example, deep-dive technical workshops are best done using collaboration software with recording facilities, enhancing the powerful learning experience and rendering the location of participants a non-issue. In fact, if well run, this format is more effective than in-person.

A key outcome of becoming a taxologist is learning to see things in a new light. It frees you to think differently and allows you to effortlessly access better ways of solving digital problems, including asking the right questions in the first place.

Some examples …

Automation vs Transformation

Are we automating to replace humans and stay where we are, or supplement upskilled humans and cause transformation?

Process vs Data

How do we automate current processes yet still elevate data to a key strategic asset? – hint: one does not lead to the other.

Tech & Business

Why must tax business change for tax technology to break out of its current confines?

WFH & In Person Working

What exactly does digitally-enabled knowledge work management say about remote vs in-person activity for tax professionals specifically?

If these are among the kind of questions that gnaw at you – you deserve better answers!

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Missed My TLG 15th Indirect Tax Presentation on (Almost) Painless Tax Transformation?

The full updated & annotated recording can be accessed here.  It’s been great hearing your feedback. Whether you’re watching it for the first time or not, feel free to reply to this post and learn more about the Steps to Nirvana (the recording reveals all!)

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