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This Cyber Monday, the industry stalwart Smart Tax Technology certification program is on offer at an 80% discount to the normal price.

This has prompted much interest, so we, the Xyto service group, decided to interview the author & coach, to help answer some of the questions you have …

Hi Geoff, thanks for meeting us. What was your original reason for creating this course?

It’s a pleasure to talk to you. The reason is simple. Before I was a taxologist, I was a tax technologist, installing tax engines and solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. However, I started to realise that technology alone is not enough. The digital realm only works if the people adapt as well. A mindset shift was needed, and that’s almost impossible to gain on the job. After doing this for many years, although it varies and I can’t prove it, I reckon most people only get about 25% of the value they could from technology. Some do better than that but have no succession plan or future-proofing. We call it “double the benefit at half the cost”. If there was a time when 25% was enough, it’s certainly not true now, and it’s hurting the tax profession. That situation was just not good enough for me.

So, what does the program do?

The program is a study of, and upskilling in, today’s digital & enterprise technologies in tax. Through accelerated learning, it helps experts at all levels improve technology adoption, navigate tax transformation, and respond & add value in new & better ways as tax goes digital.

Why should this training be considered now?

Digitalization is causing the tax profession to be recalibrated, particularly in-house. To be effective, tax advice & compliance must be supplemented by deep familiarity and capability within the digital world where tax now lives. It’s a major opportunity for tax professionals who have the right skills, and a significant threat to those who are left behind or who employ guesswork.

Why is this training different?

Good question! – given this program was the original and the best, but no longer the only offering on the market. If you consider yourself a tax lawyer first, we would probably recommend other options, but for the in-house tax professional, there is no better choice. To succeed here, elements of organizational transformation including stakeholder management, Agile methods, and enterprise ‘data’ are a necessity, as is 1:1 coaching to really help explore & bed down these new areas properly. In my mind, technology teachings alone don’t solve the problem.  

What happens when you register?

Within 24 hours, you will receive access to all materials. They’re yours to keep. The training consists of five self-study units and six 1:1 private coaching sessions to discuss & help consolidate the topics. Typically, you can expect 40-60 hours of effort over a 6-8 week period, including certification at the end.

 What benefits and outcomes can be expected?

On certification, you can expect to have a new clarity & vision around digitalized tax, and powerful insights that were previously unlikely to be visible to you. But this is just the start. The move to Xyto is about making this real in the workplace through an innovative journey aided by dozens of other graduates & taxologists. The program is a prerequisite for joining this career-affirming community.

What if the company is resistant?

Most companies want to change but are resistant to its actualities at the same time. One thing is certain, you have to take charge yourself and learn to get results within this situation if you are to progress. There’s no silver bullet, but we are building a toolkit of justification, communication & execution methods for your use. And you’re not alone, as our Cyber Monday deal puts this within the grasp of every pocket.

 What guarantees are there?

No one is left behind. Our commitment to you includes extra hours & coaching at no additional charge until you achieve certification and are happy with your experience. It’s part of our aim to serve you at the highest level. 

Thank you, Geoff. We know our future graduates will find this invaluable. 


Last few hours left to lock in your Cyber Monday 80% discount.

If you have what you need and you’re ready to sign up then we strongly urge you to take immediate action. Otherwise, message me on LinkedIn.

While the offer remains open until 17:00 GMT Monday 28th Nov, reserving a start date and booking your six 1:1 sessions with Geoff will be on a first come first serve basis so we recommend you learn more now

See you on the inside,

 Xyto Service Team

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